Catherine Carver Massage Therapist and Reiki MasterI am a licensed massage therapist serving southern Wake County and the surrounding area. My massages are unique, fit to each individual and satisfy the body, mind and spirit of my clients. Questions are always welcome. I believe in educating my clients about massage. Telling clients why drinking water is important for instance, or why we lose body fluid as we age. Helping the client learn about him/herself, and making a plan for everything from exercise to change in activity is all a part of their individual session.

My practice is growing. Most of my clients use massage as part of their preventive medicine practice to maintain balance in their bodies, keeping them healthy and less apt to become sick.

I NEVER meet a stranger and am excited about meeting you.


I was raised in a chiropractic family, and gave my first massage at age 5. My family encouraged me to hone my massage skills because I “had the hands,” and in 2002 I began to pursue my lifelong purpose, professional massage therapy. I received my license in Massage Therapy after completing a 650 hour program at Wake Technical Community College in May, 2003, and have since dedicated myself full time to holistic massage therapy for my clients. I have taken Whitney Lowe’s Orthopedic Massage for the upper extremities, am certified in Reflexology and I have taken Craniostructural courses for neuromuscular release, to mention a few areas of training. I am a Reiki Master as well.

It is my hope to positively effect all of my clients, touching and releasing pain from them through techniques learned in school and through experience with the client.

The philosophy of this practice starts with DO NO HARM

The body operates at its best under a homeostatic condition. In other words, balanced. Due to life’s circumstances, clients often get out of the natural balances and this causes “disease”. The philosophy of this practice is to restore homeostasis, and free movement to clients who come for services.

Marriages, Baptisms, Life Celebrations

Please visit my Sacred Connection Ministries site if you are interested in a sacred ceremony with the witness of your family and friends.