Benefits of Intracranial Massage for Dental, Chronic Headache or Sinus Allergy Suffering Patients

Benefits of Intracranial Massage for Dental, Chronic Headache or Sinus Allergy Suffering Patients
Overview by Catherine Carver, LMBT #3978

Reports show that there is a population of people who complain of chronic tooth or mouth pain, headaches or facial pressure in the cheek and forehead sinus, for which they are seeking professional help to eliminate.

Many are not finding solid answers. Patients have seen their dentist, Endodontists or other healthcare specialists. Often upon review of X-rays or upon examination they show no known pathology for the patient’s chief complaint. Many patients are experiencing “phantom” pain in these areas. Still some patients have had needless root canals, filling replacements and take pain medication as professionals seek to assist the patient cure or manage their pain.

As a massage therapist, I have found that intracranial massage has helped many of these patients with problems that seem to stem from dental pain or sinus pain that affect the teeth and sometimes is accompanied by chronic headache pain.

To massage these clients, the therapist generally relaxes the neck muscles, shoulders, upper back and begins to warm the skull fascia which can be tight due to stress from the chronic pain. Using a gloved hand, the therapist then asks the patient to open their mouth, keeping it relaxed. By inserting the index finger upward between the hard and soft pallet, the therapist applies light to medium pressure until there is a release. Once the release occurs this is repeated on the opposite side. Slowly, with little pressure, the therapist moves around the mouth between the lips and the jaw to release attachment sights as far back as the TMJ area, and all the way around the oral opening, top and bottom.

The face is also massaged directly to loosen the outer attachment sites in conjunction with the intracranial work. The therapist then reworks the neck, shoulders and skull in an effort to reinforce good muscle memory.

This process takes a while and may be repeated in the same session. Usually the client feels immediate relief from pressure and pain.

In cases where there is no known reason for such chronic pain, patients report reduction in pain and return to normal routine of daily living.

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